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A Maroon and White Bus

The small maroon and white bus pulled into the parking lot. Ebenezer Meadows Campus was painted on the side. The driver got out and opened the doors that made the bus handicap accessible with a lift. Slowly the lift was lowered and one by one the occupants were out of the bus and ready to come into the library. Wheelchairs, walkers, canes, independently; one-by-one they made their way into the building.

Three of them needed library cards; two came for the ride. They looked over different parts of the library. Then they checked out a few books and were on their way.

This will become part of their routine; every two weeks they will be able to visit our branch and see the world with different eyes. I’m excited about this opportunity for them and for us. They get a “road trip” and we have a new occasion to serve area residents. Hopefully, more campus residents will become eager at the prospect of visiting the library.

The facility program coordinator will be ordering Bi-Folkal Kits for them and other people at the campus to remember the old days…remember farm days, remember the Depression, remember school days, and remember work life. These and many other topics are covered with individual kits. Each kit includes an extensive program manual, a media presentation, sing along booklets, things to touch and a carrying case. Some have even more.

These kits are multi-media and multi-sensory to prompt memories and discussion. They are the perfect choice for programs and activities for older adults and mixed age groups in senior centers, retirement communities, nursing homes and other settings. If you are interested in finding out more about the Bi-Folkal Kits, stop in at your local East Central Regional Library branch or contact Vicki at 763-689-7390 x13.

I’m looking forward to seeing that maroon and white bus. Once it’s part of the routine, I’ll be planning some inter-generational activities.

Rebecca J. Hostetler, Branch Librarian
Giese Memorial Library, Wyoming

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