Acceptable Internet Use Policy

It is essential that each user of Internet services recognize the responsibilities that accompany access to the Internet’s vast array of services, sites, people and uncensored information.

The use of the library’s public computers is considered a privilege as detailed in East Central Regional Library’s Internet Access Policy. Users are advised that the following conduct is considered inappropriate:

  • Placing or viewing unlawful information or images on the system
  • Placing files or programs on any of East Central Regional Library’s computers
  • Altering files or programs on any of East Central Regional Library’s computers
  • Using abusive, harassing or otherwise objectionable language in either public or private messages
  • Sending any files or portions of files likely to result in damage to the recipient’s databases or networks or any of East Central Regional Library’s databases or networks
  • Sending unsolicited chain letters or broadcast messages
  • Violating copyright laws or software licensing agreements
  • Other use that would cause excessive congestion of the network or interfere with the functionality of the network for other users

Additionally, patrons using East Central Regional Library’s Internet workstations are advised to be considerate of others when viewing material which may be considered offensive to other library users.

All users of Internet services at East Central Regional Library are expected to abide by the terms of this policy. Users who misuse computers or Internet access will have their computer privileges revoked.

Users should further note that library staff can often help with basic computer use, but cannot provide support or information for specific software. The library will provide the training in Internet services to public service staff but due to library scheduling, Internet-trained staff may not always be available to users.