Internet Access Policy

Approved by the East Central Regional Library Board of Trustees 12 February 2007

The East Central Regional Library endeavors to develop collections of materials and access to information from a variety of sources that meet the informational, cultural and educational needs of the taxpayers that it serves. It is within the context of this mission for the Library to provide Internet access from its buildings and on-line catalog.

The East Central Regional Library is heavily dependent on State and Federal Aid to pay for its telecommunications and Internet services. Both of these levels of Government require the use of Internet filters. The Library has installed filters on all of its public access Internet computers in compliance with these laws and in order to protect library users. The filter that we have installed, like all Internet filters, is a crude device. While it does block most pornography, some will still get through. It also blocks some legitimate sites. If you believe that the filter is blocking a legitimate site, please ask the staff to turn off the filter. Please also note that this does not give you the right to offend other users and staff with pornography.

Even with the filter working, some pornography will leak through, as well as sites that promote fraud and have online predators lurking. Parents who are concerned about these types of sites should accompany their children while they have access to the Internet.

Users should recognize that not all sources of information on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. Patrons must exercise judgment and evaluate for themselves the value of the information found online. Library staff cannot provide answers to in-depth Internet or personal computer questions. We may, however, be able to offer searching suggestions and answer brief questions. Users should be reminded that more accurate, comprehensive and current information might be found in books, periodicals or other non-Internet sources.