Head to the polls with the knowledge you need to make an informed choice. Whether you’re looking for basics on voter registration and deadlines, interested in researching nonpartisan facts, or curious about the finer details of campaign contributions, you will find free websites with credible information here.

Selected Websites

  • Ballotpedia– Online encyclopedia of American politics and elections with over 220,000 articles covering local, state and federal politics.
  • C-SPAN Video Library– Comprehensive video archives of governmental and political content with more than 223,000 hours of video from the 3 C-SPAN networks, updated daily.  Debates, speeches, rallies, legislative sessions, and more.
  • Can I Vote– Information about U.S. elections in all 50 states, such as registration deadlines and guidelines regarding absentee voting. Find designated polling locations and advice on what to bring when voting.
  • OpenSecrets– Find campaign contributors, campaign finance data, reports, articles, and more. Background information on lobbying, interest groups, and political action cInformationommittees (PACs). From the nonpartisan research group Center for Responsive Politics.
  • Political TV Ad Archive– Browse and view political advertisements by specific candidates, including TV, social media, and other video ads along with downloadable data sets. Resources section includes links to fact-checking organizations.
  • Politwoops– An archive of the public statements that have been published and subsequently deleted from Twitter by local and national U.S. politicians and presidential candidates. From the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation.
  • RealClearPolitics- Non-partisan company which compiles election and political coverage, including reporting, commentary, and analysis on all sides of the pressing public policy issues. Daily roundup of poll results from ­multiple polling sources.
  • U.S. Election Assistance Commission– Election calendars, voter registration forms and other voter resources, as well as surveys and studies about U.S. elections including the National Voter Registration Act.
  • VoteSmart– Factual and unbiased information on elections, local and national U.S. candidates and elected officials.  Voting records, biographical information, speeches, finances, issue positions, and more. Publications include the Voter’s Self-Defense Manual.
  • We the Voters– short films featuring a mix of documentary, narrative, and animation that focus on nonpartisan issues related to voting, democracy, elections, and U.S. governance, with accompanying educational materials. By PBS.

Presidential Elections

  • I Side With- A 10 minute quiz that helps you understand how your beliefs align with presidential candidates.
  • Commission on Presidential Debates– Nonpartisan corporation that sponsors and organizes debates for U.S. presidential and vice presidential candidates. Access brief histories of debates dating back to 1858 along with transcripts of select events. Links to C-SPAN’s video library for footage of recent debates.

Election Basics for Young Adult Voters