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Inside the Library at Downton Abbey

East Central Regional Library has a unique event in store for Edwardian era history buffs and fans of a certain British drama series that has captured the hearts of America.  A free presentation on the library at Highclere Castle, or Downton Abbey—as it’s known to the legion of followers of the PBS series, is set for 6:30 p.m. Thursday, July 20 at Pine City Public Library. Discover insights into life on English country estates in the Edwardian era and the treasures collected over generations that filled country house libraries.

Discussed will be several topics, including book binding, significant authors, the influence of The Grand Tour (a rite of passage for the wealthy), along with tales and mysteries of the “Downton Abbey” library. Presenting is Tim Johnson, Curator of Special Collections & Rare Books/E. W. McDiarmid Curator of the Sherlock Holmes Collections housed at the University of Minnesota.

This project is funded with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.




Jon Tatting

Growing up in Cambridge, Minnesota, I went on to enjoy a rewarding 14-year career in community journalism before switching gears to public library service. Every day I am grateful for and learn something new through my marketing and branch assistant roles at East Central Regional Library.

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    1. Hi Jackie,

      I would be happy to help answer that for you. However, we have several libraries with a fireplace. Which location are you looking for?

      1. Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. In season four on the show, the family is often in a library prior to going in to eating. I have no idea which one it is. Once it appeared to be a lion head. Another time it didn’t. How many libraries are in Highclere?

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