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Is your library open when you need it?

East Central Regional Library is looking for public opinion on the hours that each of the system’s 14 branch libraries should be open.

You are encouraged to participate in the ECRL library hours survey, which is available here and in print format at all branches. Results of the survey will be considered as ECRL determines the appropriate distribution of hours and staffing that provides the best customer service for each branch library in the regional library system and makes the best use of public funding.

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East Central Regional Library is a consolidated regional library system with 14 branch locations that are open a combined total of 543 hours per week. It has been many years since a review of hours and staffing was done. Community profiles and habits have changed over time, as do the needs for staff support at the libraries. Do the open hours of the library that were established 10 or more years ago match what people need now? Recognizing that budget and thus staff resources are limited, what would be the most beneficial hours for each library to be open?

For more information, questions or any comments on this survey, send an email to ecregion@ecrlib.org or contact ECRL Director Barbara Misselt at 763-689-0643.

The survey will close at the end of July 20, 2016

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