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Magazines Aren’t Just Print Anymore

Libraries are usually known for their books, but magazines are an overlooked part of the collection.   ECRL has magazines in a variety of formats, depending on your needs.   
          The most basic is the old-fashioned paper magazine.  ECRL subscribes to many magazines throughout their 14 branches so if you are looking for a magazine that you don’t see, ask the librarian if it is available at another branch.  You can check out the back issues of any magazines through ECRL and keep it for three weeks.

          The next way to look at magazines is through the ELM database.  The state of Minnesota has subscribed to some costly databases so that everyone with a library card can have access to a huge variety of academic and popular journals and magazines.  Students are sometimes first introduced to this resource through their school library.  To gain access to these, go to the homepage of ECRL and look for the fourth box down.  Click on the ELM databases and then look for EBSCO or Megafile. 


If you would like to use your computer, tablet or smart phone to look at magazines, try the new Zinio feature.  Click on the link from the library home page.  You will be asked to make two accounts—one through ECRL and the other through Zinio.  Once you have this on your tablet or computer, you’ll love it.  You can look at many different magazines—ads and all–at your leisure.

Kathy Morrow

Mille Lacs Lake Community Library
Branch Librarian

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