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One Book | One Minnesota: Statewide Book Read

It’s time for a mystery! The fifth featured book in the statewide book club, One Book | One Minnesota, is the award-winning “Murder on the Red River” by Marcie Rendon. Both the ebook and audiobook will be available on eBooks Minnesota August 2 through September 26, 2021.


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4 thoughts on “One Book | One Minnesota: Statewide Book Read

  1. It was quite interesting to read the plight of Cash and the world she lived in. I would be one of those “white” people and never knew such strife and suffering. Having all of that happening everyday and then trying to figure out what was going on with the murder was so enthralling. I finished the book in two days and want more.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Sarah! The second book in that series, Girl Gone Missing, is coming out on October 5, 2021. I’m sure it will be just as enthralling!

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