Interlibrary Loan

mnlinkInterlibrary Loan is used to request titles not owned by East Central Regional Library.

Please first verify that East Central Regional Library does not own a title by searching the library catalog by author, title, and keyword. If East Central Regional Library does not own the item and it was published at least 6 months ago, you may place an online Interlibrary Loan Request using MNLINK*

Once you place a request on MNLINK, East Central Regional Library will attempt to borrow the item from another library system for your use. Interlibrary loans usually take two to three weeks to receive, but may take much longer if not available in a Minnesota library.

PLEASE NOTE: Interlibrary loan requests limits have been fluctuating due to the pandemic.

For titles published within the last 6 months, please use the Purchase Suggestion form.

If you have received a notice that an item is unavailable via MNLINK, East Central Regional Library can attempt to locate and borrow the item from elsewhere in the United States, at your request. We recommend speaking to a staff member before submitting a request for Interlibrary Loan of materials unavailable through East Central Regional Library’s free lending region.

If you have additional questions, Ask a Librarian for help.

*MNLINK is an online library catalog that makes the collections of almost all Minnesota’s libraries accessible to library patrons via one website.