East Central Regional Library offers test proctoring services.

Fill out the Request For Examination Proctoring form and submit it to staff at your local East Central Regional Library location.

This service is based on the availability of personnel, facilities, and technology to do so.  As such, the following responsibilities are set out:

Plan ahead 

  1. Students must make the request for a proctoring appointment on the accompanying form. Arrangements should be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
  2. Due to scheduling conflicts and technology restraints, requests for proctoring appointments may not be granted.
  3. If the test is to be sent via email, the address to which it should be sent will be given to the student at the time the test is scheduled. Note: East Central Regional Library will not guarantee that all attachments can be sent to East Central Regional Library email addresses, because of firewall restrictions.
  4. Printed exams should be sent via US Postal Service to the attention of the Branch Librarian. FedEx, UPS or other commercial carriers are not advisable.
  5. Examinations not completed by the student within 30 days of receipt by the library will not be retained unless the student has made prior arrangements.

Expectations and limitations

  1. Exams can only be taken during regularly scheduled branch hours.
  2. Tests must be scheduled so that they will be completed at least 30 minutes before the branch closing time.
  3. If branch is closed due to unforeseen circumstances or if staffing is not available to administer the test due to emergency, the test will need to be re-scheduled.
  4. Library staff will not observe students continually during the taking of the test
  5. Academic credentials of library staff members are varied. Students should be mindful of their school’s requirements for the library staff member proctoring a test.
  6. Testing accommodations may vary. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the physical facilities are adequate for their test-taking requirements. Some branches have meeting or quiet rooms. Students may request their availability when tests are scheduled.
  7. Staff will not be able to accommodate requirements to read lengthy instruction packets for giving tests. If schools send such packets, East Central Regional Library reserves the right to contact the student and inform them that the library will not be able to give the test.

Online tests

  1. East Central Regional Library does not allow computer changes for a test. This includes not allowing changes of computer settings or installation of special software. Pop-up blockers may be turned off.
  2. East Central Regional Library encourages students to bring in their own laptop to take their test (if allowed).
  3. The library will provide a computer that has internet access and software to access most commonly used documents or spreadsheets. Students are responsible for ensuring that the library’s computer resources are adequate for their test taking requirements.
  4. Reservation for a computer is the responsibility of the student.

The day of the test

  1. Students must show picture identification before receiving the examination.
  2. Students must provide a postage-paid envelope for return of the completed examinations to the testing institution via the U.S. Postal Service. East Central Regional Library will not coordinate pickup of materials by FedEx, UPS, or any other commercial carrier.
  3. If exams are to be faxed back to the institution, customary fax charges must be paid by the student.