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Share Your Story!

In honor of our 60th Anniversary, we are inviting our community members to share their library story! This could be anything from a memory of using the bookmobile to how the library inspired you to write your novel and anything in between. We’d simply love to hear what your favorite memory of using the library has been. We will share these stories online and in our branches!



2 thoughts on “Share Your Story!

  1. In September my mother and I were able to attend the Downton Abbey Tea Party at the Chisago Lakes Area Library. My mother loves Downton Abbey so this party was perfect for us to attend together. We both enjoyed how many people dressed up!
    The party was so very charming and well thought out. Toward the end of the night, we played a Downton Abbey game that was a lot of fun, you could hear the whole room fill out with audible groans or cheers depending on how well everyone was doing.

    I am really looking forward to the next event.

  2. A common misconception about libraries is that we pretty much only offer books. But there are soooOOoooo many other information services we provide!
    One example that comes to mind is from when not long after I started working at the Chisago Lakes Area Library. A patron came in, I’ll call her Sally (not her actual name*). Sally was stressed and asked if the library can scan documents, in color, to an email. The document HAD to be in color.
    I told her that we could do that and Sally was very clearly relieved to hear that! Sally explained that her daughter was stuck at the border of Bosnia and those at the checkpoint would not accept her documents. They needed further paperwork to sent to them if they were to allow Sally’s daughter to cross the border.
    Sally and I quickly got the documents scanned and sent on their way and her daughter was able to cross the border!
    This is just one of many stories your local library staff could tell you about ways the library helps the community in unique ways.

    *As a side note another service libraries offer that most are unaware of is privacy. We work hard to ensure that the information you seek is known only to you.

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