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Top 10 OverDrive Support Questions This Holiday Season

With many people receiving new devices this holiday season, more patrons will be using East Central Regional Library’s OverDrive-powered Digital Library for eBooks and eAudiobooks. With new users in mind, we’ve listed some frequently asked questions below:

How do I return digital titles?
Find information for this is on OverDrive Help in the article about returning titles before the lending period expires. From there, you’ll find links to steps for returning titles from specific devices or software.
How to merge library card accounts
OverDrive has added the ability to retain OverDrive checkouts, holds, and other account activity when you switch library cards (for example, if you lose your original card and are issued a replacement). If you were issued a new library card, and would like your OverDrive activity transferred, please contact us so that we can merge your records.

How to reset a download link
If you attempt to download a digital title too many times, you may encounter an error. When this occurs, we can reset the download link for the title. Please contact us to do so, explaining the problem.
What to do if the OverDrive app is not working
You can find basic step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot the OverDrive app on mobile devices in the help article. These are good first steps to resolve many issues!
Can I renew digital titles from my library?
Renewing digital titles works a little bit different than renewing physical titles. Learn how to can renew digital titles or request them again.
Will my device work with OverDrive?
This is the time of year when many people give or receive new devices that they then use with OverDrive.  If you are not familiar with your new device, the best place to start is the Device profiles on OverDrive Help. Here you can find information on the most popular devices and platforms and learn how they can be used with OverDrive. Each profile will recommend software or apps, compatible formats, steps on getting started, and more.
In order to protect users’ privacy, OverDrive requires each user to verify their account.
This error occurs when you try to open an eBook that you’ve already downloaded to another device, and that device was authorized with a different OverDrive account, library card, or Adobe ID. To see what steps are needed to resolve this, please check out this help article. You can also check out the article about downloading the same eBooks to multiple devices, which could help prevent this error.
Can I recommend digital titles?
You can recommend titles that aren’t in ECRL’s collection. Learn more about recommending titles.
What are the maturity levels I can choose from on my library site?
Maturity levels allow you to exclude content categorized under certain “maturity levels” that you may not want to see while browsing and searching a digital collection.
Remember, OverDrive Help is available 24/7 and is a great resource for answering these or similar questions!
(Adapted from the OverDrive Library Blog)

Sarah Hawkins, Resource Librarian

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